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Here are a few links and contacts related to Irish Dancing and dance supplies. This list is short and sweet; there are many more resources available, but these are ones with which we have had positive experiences.

Dancing in D/FW

The latest news in D/FW dancing is available on Meetup!

Online dance references


is a new source of dance notes for set, ceili, two-hand, contra and other styles. If you need an easy reference of dance notes and links to music and video, give DanceMinder a look.

Shoes: D/FW Retailers

You can find jazz shoes for men and women as well as dance sneakers at these local stores.  Plan ahead though, since you may need to have them special order your size.

Sandy’s DanceXpress

2211 Gus Thomasson Road
Dallas, TX 75228

Sandy’s Dancewear Too
(NW corner of Parker & Independence Pkwy)
3115 W. Parker #190
Plano, TX 75023
(214) 473-6600

Sandy’s Dancewear Frisco
11445 N. Dallas Pkwy #270
Frisco, Tx 75034


Karizmah Dance Shoes

10875 Plano Rd. # 140 Dallas, TX 75238

Shoes: Online Retailers

Quite a few places offer the ladies’ soft shoes or “ghillies” on the Internet.  If you want to buy them locally, you have to catch a feis or maybe the North Texas Irish Festival in March.

Hullachan makes a unique style of soft shoe for ladies that provides good cushioning IF you can find the right fit.

Hullachan Pro North America

Fays Irish Dancing Shoes

Rutherford Products

Antonio Pacelli

Instructional Books

Ar Rinci Fiorne

The Irish ceili dancer’s bible, this is the official book teachers must memorize for TCRG and TMRF certification. It describes 30 figure dances, from 4 to 16 people per set. Be warned that attempting to learn dances from this book alone could be a tad frustrating. Taking a class and going to a ceili are the best ways to learn. If you can find a copy of Dancing at the Crossroads (below) to accompany and clarify the words, it’s one of the best references though it’s no longer being produced.

Toss the Feathers, The Flowing Tide,  Apples In Winter by Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy’s series of set dance books are a must-have for those of us living too far from County Clare to dance at Vaughan’s Barn regularly, these books details many set, two-hand and ceili dances from all over Ireland.


See also the book list at IrishDanceWiki

Instructional Videos

Dancing at the Crossroads

If you are looking to learn the 30 ceili dances from Ar Rinci Fiorne, this is the video for you.  It features an excellent band and several dancers from Riverdance performing all the dances.  You can order it from Note that the best way to learn these dances is to read the description from the book (Ar Rinci Fiorne), and turn to the video when the text makes you wish for an illustration.
Unfortunately this video is no longer being produced.

Faoi Do Chois

This video (DVD) teaches four set dances by showing the footwork followed by context within a set. It comes with a CD and written descriptions, which makes for a nicely rounded set of materials. For more information, see this review.

Faoi Do Chois c/o Willowbrook
Galroostown, Termonfechin
Co. Louth
Ph. 041 9881764
Cost as of this writing was USA & Canada us$44.00 ($40.00 + $4.00 p+p)

See also the video list at IrishDanceWiki

Irish Dance Wiki

The Irish Dance Wiki aims to become for Irish Dancing what Wikipedia is to general information.  Everyone is welcome to contribute and fill out information on schools, dancing venues, stores, books, videos, etc as they’re related to Irish dancing.

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