Lactarius indigo eggs

I found some Lactarius indigo mushrooms for the first time a week or two back behind our house and Susan refused to let me eat them. Truth be told that I was kind of ambivalent about it anyway.

But on a hike up Bull mountain yesterday we ran across several small patches and I decided to try eating one after all. Three came home with us and I planned on eating two and scattering the third behind the house.

So this morning, preparations began with slicing some tomato, dry sauteing onions, cutting the mushroom up, adding it to the mix and finally adding scrambled eggs.

It was good though this specimen wasn’t particularly mushroomy. I got kind of a meaty smell from it when cooking. It ended up with a good texture though.

An hour later and I’m feeling no Ill effects so I’m going to suggest that I’m not one of the unlucky people that are sensitive to this mushroom. Definitely going to try it again.

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