Modern Slideshow Tutorial for Vegas Pro

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a custom transition for your slideshow projects. One big advantage to using this method for transitions is that you can have as many layered effects as you want where normally you can only have a single fx applied to a transition.

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00:14 Media overlap off
01:11 Compositing child
01:24 Compositing mode multiply
01:35 Edit visible buttons
01:53 Set media length
02:32 Chroma key fx
03:07 Mask creation
03:12 Sync Cursor
03:38 Mask animation
04:37 Initial effect
04:48 Layering on fx
07:03 Transition alignment
07:57 Copying the transition
08:50 Copy or reference the transition?
10:50 Changing the transition fx
11:56 Copying and pasting event attributes
13:09 Adding zoom

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The music used is This is not IDM by True Cuckoo
available from Google

Fonts used are Abril Fatface from

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