Zumba at the Asheville YMCA

The following is a project that I (Michael) wanted to do after attending Miguel Flamini’s class for several weeks at the Asheville YMCA. At the time that I had the idea, Susan and I were planning to buy some property in Asheville, knew we wouldn’t be traveling as much as we had been over the last year and a half and with winter coming on we knew we wouldn’t be hiking as much either so the opportunities for making videos would be greatly reduced. Being in class with Miguel and seeing his enthusiasm and the affect it has on his students first-hand, I thought he’d make a good subject for a video project and give me a chance to expand my recording and editing skills.

After much preparation and even more editing, I present to you the Zumba class led by Miguel Flamini at the Asheville YMCA.

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Music Credits:

Pegate Mas – Dyland and Lenny
Pa’ Lante Y Pa’ Atras – (Zumba Mega Mix 70)
Chupa Tu Paleta – Oro Solido
Lo Que Tengo Yo – charanga habanera
Allez – Teddyson John
I Am Merengue – Watatah
Pa Fuera Las Penas – Cumbia (zin 82)
Taki Taki – DJ Snake
Bailalo – Armando & Heidy (ZIN 68)
Se Acaba El Tiempo – (ZIN 79)
Famalay – Skinny Fabulous (ZIN 81)
El Berna Jam Ya Llego (Qui Si Balla) – Berna Jam
1, 2, 3 – sofia reyes
Di Action – Soca – (Zumba Mega Mix 71)
EL CLAVO – Prince Royce
Say My Name (Remix DJ Cat) – Alex & Sierra

Asheville YMCA – https://ymcawnc.org/asheville

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  1. Thank you for posting this Michael. In these days of CoVid, I miss Miguel’s classes and all the fun we had. Hope we can get it back one day.

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