You know you need some wine

If you find yourself in Kansas and need some wine (when is that ever not true?) make sure to take time to stop in at Shiloh Vineyard and Winery for a tasting.

We visited Shiloh as part of a stay through Harvest Hosts while on our way from Oklahoma to Colorado. We went straight from Oklahoma City to Shiloh, at the edge of WaKeeny KS and it was a looong day of driving culminating in a slow drive down a looong dusty road.

We also got our first real lesson in not trusting Google in certain parts of the country. It was telling us to head east from rt 531 when in fact we needed to head west. You’ll see in the included video where we had to stop and decide which way to go. Fortunately there was a sign next to the road saying to go west for Shiloh and we decided to trust the sign.

After we arrived and got parked we were given a tour of the winery by Kirk, which included some of the production area, grounds and barn used for special events, followed by a wine and cheese tasting. We liked both enough that we came away with eight bottles of wine and a couple of cheeses. We may have overdone it a bit on the wine but Shiloh has some good flavors and a couple of the bottles were intended as future gifts for friends we were planning to see along the way.

Our haul

The vineyard cats tried to adopt us and while Chip and the cats got along ok, he was much more interested in checking out the smells around the grounds. Unfortunately the goats weren’t remotely interested in meeting him.

The grounds are gorgeous with plenty of room to explore and includes a small picturesque pond and bridge.

The event barn

If you stay overnight, you’ll also be able to enjoy the ink black skies and quiet that such a remote location brings.

Pretty sunsets

Shiloh is well worth going out of your way for and we can’t recommend them enough.

After your visit, you can spend some time and make a wine cozy for yourself for your friends.

More views in the following video!

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