SAFF 2019

What’s SAFF?

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

We only spent one day but took about 5 hours to get through all the booths containing all sorts of supplies and equipment for fiber arts.

There was yarn galore


Various demonstrations going on such as chair caning,


Spinning right off a bunny’s back,


Susan got to sit down at the HanDen booth and expierience SAORI weaving for the first time.


Her portion is the block in yellow.  There’s more in the linked video.


And of course, vendors galore.  They had to move inside due to problems with legionares in the original building at the AG center and the booths were more than a little close together.  I expect that Saturday and Sunday was a bit of a madhouse.


Susan came away with a beautiful scarf kit from Stunning String Studio and I managed to only come away with a couple of full SD cards of pictures and video. I was tempted by some spinning wheels, especially the ones from Hansen Crafts but since I’m still at the “toying with the idea” stage of taking up spinning, I refrained.

If you’re reading this before the end of the weekend of 10/25-27 2019 and you’re in the Asheville area, get yourself out to the AG center and see some of the fair before it’s gone.  You know you need more stash.

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