Revelle’s River Campground

After staying in the NRQZ for a week, we decided we needed to be closer to civilization for a while.  If nothing else, we needed a grocery store closer than an hour away. We looked at a few places near Elkins WV and chose to stay at Revelle’s River Campground where we camped in the spot shown above. That’s Fay trying to hide behind that skinny tree.

More specifically, we camped in the spot below where you see the yellow marker.

Yep. There’s a small cave across the river.

When we first went through the camp, on a Saturday, they were holding a Christmas In July event and the camp was packed.  Seriously full.  Being late in the season we thought we’d give it a shot and see if they had any spots available.  They did, so we made reservations and on July 29 pulled into our spot and set up camp next to the river.

The spots next to the river are huge. Where most camps would put 3 rigs Revelle’s puts 2 and I hope they never shrink the sites.  Each site has a gravel pad that’s reasonably level, not perfect, but close enough, and a large grassy area with fire ring and picnic table.

The campground also has a bar and grill on site, and while we didn’t drink or eat there, it seemed nice enough inside and the people working the bar were friendly.  We’d been warned that they were going to have a band in on our first weekend but that they’d wrap up by 11pm.  Turned out to be a DJ rather than a band and even though we were just across the way, we could barely hear the music from inside our coach.  From outside, the 80’s hits just kept coming.

There was plenty of room to walk the boy since the campground is huge, and during the week many of the sites are unoccupied or empty, so the camp is extremely quiet.  The difference between unoccupied and empty being that most of the sites in the camp are leased by people that go home during the week but leave their rigs. The rest of the sites are taken up by short term people that only bring their rigs out on the weekends.  During the week, we had several spots open on either side of us and it was like having a large lawn again.

The owner is friendly and you’ll often see her about the camp checking to see that the showers or other common areas are clean.  She’ll also stop and talk with you about your dog, travels, life at the camp or whatever.  The ladies working the front desk are just friendly and if you have a cute, beggy dog (I’m looking at you Chip), so much the better.

What? I’m cute. Get used to it.  Not sure why the lesser acolyte couldn’t move his foot.

Did I mention that there are large sites right by the river?  Oh, I did.  Sorry.  Did I mention that most of the sites have easy access to the riverbank?  There isn’t a lot of room on the bank to put out chairs or otherwise hang out and there are a ton of 8-10″ diameter rocks that make wading out into the river a bit of a challenge, but if you’re determined, it’s doable.  Revelle’s also rents out tubes that you can use to ride down the river.  We didn’t look into this, so I can’t answer the question of how you get back to camp, though that was something we idly wondered about.

Rollin’ down the river

Revelle’s has fairly regular events scheduled such as the Christmas in July event we saw when we went to check out the place.  Right after we left they had a Wild West Shootout, using water guns and hoses and they regularly bring in musicians to play in their pavillion.

If you like trains, and who doesn’t, you’ll be treated to the sight and sounds of one of the tourist trains passing through from Elkins, Thursday through Sunday.  It’s a diesel engine so not as nostalgic to see and hear as the steam engine in Durbin but still something we looked forward to on the days that it ran.

View of the camp from the other side of the tracks

So, was our stay all wine and roses?  Nope.  Our first weekend there, a group of 10-20 people showed up and rented a couple of cabins.  Cabins that should normally sleep 4-5 if everyone is really close.

Their first evening they took up all the available parking near their cabins,  including parking that wasn’t theirs, and followed that by loudly partying past midnite. Both Susan and I had to walk down there, three sites from our own, and strongly encourage them to STFU.  The manager went back the next day to tell them to really, STFU, once quiet time came around again.  Or leave.

The camp could use a bit of cleanup next to the river.  Someone has dumped old grill stands next to the river and since the bases are concrete, they aren’t decomposing very fast, and are a bit of an eyesore.  With that exception, the camp was very tidy.

The only other complaint I have is that they don’t have full-cutoff lighting.  Giant sodium lights filling much of the campground with blinding light all night long.  Fortunately these lights weren’t everywhere and I was able to get around the back of Fay and see the Milky Way.  Even as close to Elkins as they are, the skies are really nice and dark and you can see loads of stars when you aren’t being blinded.


No matter, if you’re near Elkins and need a good place to camp, give Revelle’s a look.  We were there for 10 days had an enjoyable stay.

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