The mushrooms of Sumter Oaks – Mr Bracket

We’ll have a review of the Escapees Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell Florida later but for the moment I want to introduce you some mushrooms that we enjoyed watching during our stay in June 2019.

First up is Mr. Bracket.  A bracket fungus though the specific type of mushroom is currently under debate on the Florida mushroom forum.

I’ll update this post once we have a firm ID.

We first came across him in our wanderings in the camp after some good rains started waking up all the fungi.

He was a stout fellow, not very large and was destined not to grow much more because the rains were soon to stop.

When the rains stopped he quickly dried out on the surface.

And aged more and more as the days progressed though he stayed somewhat flexible but did firm up as the days went by.

By this point we had some requests for more data on the mushroom so measurements were in order.

The specimen I cut off was an outlier.  I was careful not to bruise it but the bottom turned out to be brown rather than the pale tan shown above.

Looks to me like there are about 2-3 pores per mm.

And the pore depth about 5mm

As we leave the area, Mr. Bracket is still hanging on but he’s got some friends to keep him company which have shown up on the same tree.

More of his pictures over here.

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