Letter Home 5

Where we’ve been and what we’ve done, from Baker City California to Palm Springs.

The times below correspond to times in the video above. You can either fast forward or watch the video on youtube and the same text there will have links to take you to the given locations.

Baker City CA 0:08

Bakersfield RV Resort http://www.bakersfieldrvresort.com

Palm Springs 0:42

Sky Valley Resort 0:54


Palm Springs 2:02

Coachella Nature Preserve 0:22


Joshua Tree National Park 5:04


Stone Buddha 5:39

Cholla Cactus Garden 7:06

Leaving Palm Springs 7:55

Look for more travel stories at https://dragonseye.com/blog/category/greatwander/

The music used is 7th Floor Tango by Silent Partner, Way Out west, Fresh Fallen Snow and Mirage by Chris Haugen, Beth by VYEN available from Google https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Fonts used are Lobster Regular from https://fonts.google.com/

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