Letter Home 3

Lovely beaches

This latest letter has us going down the Oregon coast from Thor’s Well to Brookings.

Look for more travel stories at https://dragonseye.com/blog/category/greatescape/

Jesse M Honeyman State park 0:25

Happy Bouncy Dog on the beach 0:42

Car stuck in the sand 1:12

Oregon sand dunes 1:24

Florence Oregon 1:55

Superbly awesome Harris Beach 2:12

William H Boardman Scenic Corridor 4:17

More Harris Beach 5:25

The music used is 7th Floor Tango by Silent Partner, Way Out west and Mirage by Chris Haugen available from Google https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Fonts used are Lobster Regular from https://fonts.google.com/

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