Review – Tiny Town OK

We stayed in Tiny Town, OK in June of 2018 and getting a reservation and finding the park was easy.  We were told to pick any spot and set up and so we did.

This is basically a place to park your RV while you either do something away from the site or take care of things within or around your RV such that you don’t really care where it is.

The park has changed quite a bit since the photos on their web site were taken. Most of the park is dirt/gravel with grassy areas between the sites that are rapidly filling with weeds and dying grass.  The trees that have been planted aren’t being watered regularly enough and many are dying.  Perhaps in 10 years the sites will have a bit of shade but until then, make sure your AC is working properly during the warmer months.

The sites are very close together.  Sit at your table and you’ll be staring at someone else’s sewer connection.  On the other hand, the firepits are large and wood is readily available.

The playground is overgrown with weeds though the equipment looks like it’s relatively new.

While we were there was saw another guest cleaning their stinky slinky on their picnic table.  Since then we’ve made a point of spraying down any table at a new site with a mild bleach solution, wiping it down and covering it with a tablecloth.

Would we recommend Tiny Town?  Well, if you won’t be spending much time there except to sleep, sure.  If you want a camp with any other amenities, you may want to look elsewhere.

More pictures available here.

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