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If you drive through Creekside RV Park, in Broken Bow, OK, wondering if you want to stay, you may initially be put off by the endless gravel punctuated by large boulders that divide the sites. We were.  But we wanted something better than Tiny Town for the couple of nights we needed a place to park, before leaving town.  We stayed in June 2018.

Give the campsite a shot if you need a place to stay for a few nights.

The sites are positively huge and once you’re parked, it’ll become easier to get familiar with the site layout.

Trees.  There are huge trees that provide plenty of shade for those stuck in their RV during the day.  After all, you have to get things done sometime.

One downside for us, our dog more precisely, is that the entire camp is one big gravel lot.  If you’ve got a small dog, you may find that after a few days of walking on that he will be less interested in going for walks.  Imagine if you had to walk barefoot and the gravel was a few inches across.  You’d want shoes.  While they mention a path along the creek, it was washed out some time ago and hasn’t been rebuilt.

There is a creek nearby but since there hadn’t been any rain in a while, it was mostly dry.  Still, it’s good for a morning walk with the dog.  Just be aware that if you go for a long walk in the heat, your dog may lose his mind and decide to walk into the creek.  Our boy has never done this before.  He got a bath for his trouble.

The bathrooms were clean and well tended and the owners friendly and responsive.

One kinda big downside is that because the camp is built parallel to the highway, there’s not a site that you can pick to really get away from road noise.  If you’re staying when it’s particularly warm or cold your AC or heater will likely mask most of it.  If you were hoping to keep your windows open at night, you’ll need to be a heavy sleeper.

On the other hand, did I mention trees?  They don’t completely mask the noise but they do help some.

One benefit of the gravel is that if/when it rains hard, the lot drains very quickly.

Give them a shot.

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