Review – Mountain View Resort Wapiti WY

Rough. Really Rough.  2.5 stars out of 5.

First, the good.
  1. Dark skies.  The only lights are likely to be the neighbors who forget to turn off their porch lights or have motion sensitive lights that are set off by everything that blows by.  Otherwise really dark skies and a clearly visible milky way.
  2. Friendly and eager to help hosts.
  3. Booking was easy and Erin sent comprehensive directions to the camp.
  4. Large sites.  Your 40 footer and toad will easily fit.
  5. Full hookup.
  6. Fairly inexpensive.
  7. Great views of the mountains.  Gorgeous sunrise and sunset.  These were helped/hurt (depending on the day and your opinion) by the fires in the West but even when the mountains were smoked out, the views were fantastic.


The bad
  1. The sites are overgrown with weeds.  Not just your typical weeds but low-growing monsters with sharp spikes.  It’s clear that the hosts are busy elsewhere and they need a camp host to take care of the camp when they’re away.  The only upside here was that in the morning and evening it was cold and windy such that we weren’t eager to stay outside.  The rest of the time we were touring Cody or Yellowstone and so the state of our site wasn’t important.
  2. Many of the sites aren’t marked and so it’s difficult with some to tell if you’re looking at a spot where you’re supposed to put your coach or if you’re looking at an open area.
  3. Some sites have fire pits.  Some don’t.  There didn’t seem to be obvious logic for which did and didn’t.  It also wasn’t clear if there was a common area for everyone to use.
  4. If you have a problem with your electrical post (we lost power several times) on the weekend, you’ll probably need to move as their electrician won’t be available.  Fortunately if you’re there in September and have a decent battery bank or generator, you can probably get by without their electric as the days are mild and the nights cold (and windy).
  5. Debris everywhere.  I’m calling it all collectively debris because in some cases it’s trash that’s been dumped randomly and in some cases it’s clearly building material that’s been sitting for days or months.  For example, the “playground” has remains from past fireworks shows, a decaying grill, a stack of firewood and building materials littering the area as well as other random trash.

If they maintained their camp better and cleaned it up I’d have given them at least a 4.

Would I stay again?  Probably.  I’d at least consider it if all things were equal and especially if I’d heard they improved conditions around the camp.

More photos available here.

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