Steam Poached Eggs

I’d tried to cook poached eggs in the past and ended up with egg drop soup and an egg blob that was watery and not very appetizing.

I recently discovered, for myself of course, steam poached eggs.

I’ve also discovered that for a quick egg and toast meal, I really like them.

Easy to cook, easy cleanup and, as long as you like eggs, good tasting and with a bit of Penzey’s Greek or Sunny Spain seasoning, even better.

Start off with a vessel for the water (make sure you have a cover for it) and for the egg you’re going to cook.  I’m using a wok and small porcelain cup.  The latter is nice and smooth on the inside and the egg comes out easily when using a silicone spatula.

You only need enough water to go up to about halfway on the vessel/cup you’ll use for the egg.  Put your cup in the water, add a little butter to the cup if you want a bit of buttery flavor and the water to a boil while covered.

Once the water starts to boil, drop in the egg and re-cover.

Start a timer for 2 1/2 minutes.  Vary the time depending on how soft or hard you like your egg yolks.

When the timer goes off, your egg should be done.

Remove the cup from the water, a silicone hot pad works well, scoop the egg out with a small spatula and eat.

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