Saga Of The Ear, Let There Be Blood!

Because some of you won’t be happy until you see blood, I’m going to give you blood.

But first, a picture of me just back home after being opened up and shuffled by the Doctor.  Without the blood.

I don’t look too different for having been shuffled

Yep.  They sent me home with a giant wad of gauze strapped to my head.

Now that’s out of the way, to the blood!

After running out of the gauze the hospital gave me, I started creating little ear tortillas so that the runoff would be contained.

You think a dog barfing on the carpet in the middle of the night will get you instantly out of bed?  Try waking up to a little trickle of liquid bloooood! running down your neck.

Still, I had to change these out about every 3-5 hours because, ewww.

Of course, by Monday morning the swelling had developed to the point where the incision at the back had started to separate.  So, bloooood! But not a ton because I’d cleaned the area near my ear canal before taking this picture.

The main part is cleaner but why is blood running from the back of my ear

A little pressure and loads of gauze and things are better.  The doctor wasn’t particularly worried and suggested I keep doing what I’ve been doing, so I will keep doing that.

You’re probably asking “other than an ear, what am I looking at in the pictures above?”

Well, let’s start with the second one.

The red line on the right is the incision where the Doctor lifted my ear up to get to my innards.  Unfortunately I don’t have pictures or video of that.  Maybe next time.  But hopefully not.

The crosshatched thingy coming out of my ear is a “wick” that I suspect is helping to hold my ear canal in a canal-like shape as well as allowing blood to wick out of my inner ear.  It seems to be doing a pretty good job at the latter.  Hopefully also doing a good job on the former.

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