Shut up and celebrit!

If “celebrities” should just shut up and celebrit [tm] then basically the rest of us should too unless we’re employed in the area under discussion.

Think about it.  Family gatherings would get much more civil.

Argument starts about the game on TV or about the relative merits of some player?  Unless the people in the room are in the industry, they get to just STFU.

Someone brings up politics?  You getting paid to run for office or work on someone’s campaign?  No? STFU.  What? You’re volunteering for someone’s campaign?  Tough.  If you’re not getting paid and you’re doing work, you’re just a slave.  You have even less right to talk about it.

Someone brings up family planning or *gasp* abortion?  You get paid to have sex, prevent other people from having sex or otherwise participate in some kind of enterprise involving human sexual relations?  No? STFU.

You don’t get to have an opinion.  Just STFU.

Oh wait.  I don’t get paid for this.

Never mind.

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