Social Dancing at NTIF 8 – 2016

We’ve reached 2011, which is a good number because this year marks the 11th year we’ve been calling the Saturday night ceili. This is the 8th in the series of posts leading up to the 2016 North Texas Irish Festival.  You’re coming out, right?

If you’re on Facebook, add the workshop and ceili events to your calendar.

First up with an afternoon dance workshop with Catherine Sherer Bishop, but we have no photos!  Send us some!

The evening ceili again played by the Lone Star Ceili Band

2011 ceili with music by the LSCB

and called by Susan & Michael Harrison.  Waves of Tory!

2011 ceili called by Susan & Michael Harrison

Come on out to the Emerald stage for the dance workshop on Saturday at 1pm and again for the ceili at 7pm-ish.

If you’d like to see tons of pictures and video from past festival workshop and ceili’s, head over here.

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