Social Dancing at NTIF 4 – 2016

This is the fourth of the posts leading up to the 2016 North Texas Irish Festival.  Got your shoes shined?

This time we’re up to 2007 with the ceili called by Susan & Michael Harrison.

Back 2 Back Hornpipe. Be careful what you grab.

2007 Ceili called by Susan & Michael Harrison

As is usual, great music by the Lone Star Ceili Band

2007 Ceili music by the Lone Star Ceili Band and friends

Pictured are Ken Fleming, Heather Gilmer, ?, Jeff Philips, Kevin Alewine and Rick Cunningham.

I’m not sure who is behind Ken but those don’t look like Peggy Fleming’s legs.

Come on out to the Emerald stage for the dance workshop on Saturday at 1pm and again for the ceili at 7pm-ish.

If you’re on Facebook, add the workshop and ceili events to your calendar.

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