Mexican dancing girl hides menacing stranger

Jack W and Nita Hagemeyer abt 1938My archeological dig through family photos continues. Framed pictures offer hope of more photos underneath, maybe younger versions of the old guy on top. In this case the top pic was yet another copy of a particular shot of my dad and his sister as little kids, squinting into the sun.  Don’t they look like the Little Rascals?

Flipping the frame over, I pulled out the rusty nails holding a cardboard backing with this stamped on it:

Mexican picture and mat - Hasty(4)-001

Radio Picture Frame Co.?  Odd.

Under the kids’ photo was the advertised Hand Colored Mexican Picture, although it looks more Spanish to me.Mexican picture and mat - Hasty(1)-001 Mildly interesting but not nearly as exciting as the movie poster that had been cut up to use as backing board.  The fine print says, “Copyright 1936, RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.”  Who was this ruggedly handsome man?  Does he look threatening because someone called him yellow?

RKO Radio Pictures - Yellow

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