4th of July, 2014 #2

I’d been thinking of doing several posts while the action was going on but was too busy watching that action.  So there’s just this one post a week late.

I did have my little camera along and had the intervalometer going.  The wind was something fierce on the 7th floor but being less than a mile away from where the fireworks were being launched more than made up for the breezy conditions.

While waiting for the main event to start, we were treated to several smaller events from a show in Arlingon, probably Richland Hills and another that we think was near the Botanic Gardens.

The wind on that side kept my tripod jiggling through most of the pictures.  I hadn’t yet thought about holding it down.  Oh well.

The Botanic show ended and only a few minutes later the main event started.

I still had a bit of a problem with wind since I’d taken the smaller, easier to carry tripod.  Next year.  Take a bigger tripod.

I was able to get some good shots though.

Click any of the pictures to be taken to the full gallery.

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