Set dance class at Trinity Hall May 7

I know this is short notice but we’re going to have a trial class at Trinity Hall on the evening of May 7.  If the experiment works, we’ll have regular (weekly I hope) classes there.

Here’s the plan.

Place: Trinity Hall
When: 7-10pm
We’ll start off with basics/review at 7 for the common steps/movements used in the more popular set dances (advance and retire, sevens, basic battering to be used later, etc).  If you haven’t danced a set in a while (or ever) or if you would like a review (or just want any excuse to get up and move around) this is for you. The others might want to show up during this period just to settle in before we start the first set.
We’ll break for a short while about 7:45-sh and move on to:
The Merchant Set.  It’s a new set that’s spreading quickly around the world and is a bit different from all the others.
We’ll break again for a short bit about 8:45 or so and then start on:
The Connemara Reel.  It’s a popular set that’s danced at every major ceili.
Except for the beginning and ending time, the schedule will be somewhat fluid depending on the experience of the attendees and how quickly we progress.
Who: While there’s no particular age or height limit, this is more of an adult or young-adult kind of class in that it works best with people of similar height and attentiveness.  If you aren’t sure, just ask!
Cost: Whatever you can afford or think the class is worth.

What should I bring? A desire to get up and move about.  Shoes that are comfortable and allow you to slide easily (but not too slippery!) on a tile floor.  Friends and family!
What should I do to prepare? If you like feel free to take a look at the notes linked above though this isn’t required.  We’d also like to know who’s planning on coming so please respond with an “I’ll be there and I’m bringing X people!”  If we don’t have at least a full set of 8 we’ll may have to cancel the class.

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