Jalapeno Cornbread. The Gateway Food to Evil

Who knew?

I’ve always loved JCB (what all the cool people are calling it) but I never suspected it could turn a perfect little dog into the epitome of evil.

It can take those you love and make them do unspeakable things.


Evil incarnate.

On Saturday we made a huge pot of chili (cooking for five hours) and in the evening made a batch of jalapeno cornbread muffins.

I made the mistake of giving a small piece to this innocent little dog.

This sweet dog who will wait patiently while we eat our dinner, quietly letting us know that when we can, would we please give him a morsel?  The innocent pup who can sit next to our food and not touch it because it’s our food.

That one taste of cornbread turned out to be his undoing.  His apple from the tree.

“Pure unadulterated Evil?  Why YES, I’d love some!”

I had placed a un-eaten muffin on the coffee table where it sat while I finished my latest bowl of chili. I think I ate 13 yesterday. Clearly the wrong number.

Susan and I left the room for a moment and when I went into the bedroom a few minutes later I saw Chip eating something on the rug.  At first I thought it was a treat but quickly realized that the color and texture was wrong.  What was left was just a few crumbs of cornbread.

I rushed back into the living room to find that my muffin was gone.  Chip had eaten the entire thing.

Our sweet, innocent little boy had turned evil.  It’s clear that he waited only a moment or two after we’d left the room before leaping upon the muffin and devouring it with abandon.  Probably cackling the entire time.

Perhaps he’ll learn his lesson later today.  He’s never had jalapeno before and there was a lot in that muffin.  He may not sit down at all tonight.

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