Halloween 2012, Fright Night

I had to abandon the monitor mentioned in the first post due to some software issues.  I’d have had to make the images pixel by pixel by hand using a hex table and decided my time would be better spent coming up with other ways to frighten the pee out of the miniature humans.

I finished carving the pumpkin, adding lights lights inside and under the ‘brains’ as well as carving a smaller melon that could be seen being eaten by the pumpkin monster.

Couldn’t resist adding some blood.

The house was lit fairly simply.  Some red and green lights in a few windows, orange lights in the bushes, a screen inside the door with red lights between it and the door.

It was clear that candy could be had at our house but your heart rate might rise in the process of obtaining it.

I had my fog machine set up but it conked out before the kids showed up so I didn’t have the scary fog coming out the door when I opened it, like I wanted.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.

I’d discovered that having the security camera inside the house meant that I couldn’t see out once it got dark.  The IR light from the camera reflected too strongly off the window glass and all I could see was reflected haze.

I moved the camera to the outside and got a nice clear view of the front walk up to our porch.

We have a wireless speaker that we use for listening to music when on the patio and I moved it to the front bushes and had various scary sounds and tunes playing through it all evening.  Tunes from Nightmare Before Christmas, sounds off the internet and such.

Also in the bushes was our wireless mic and amplifier that we use for ceili calling.  I had the volume turned up nice and loud so I could either wait until the kids got close to the porch before talking to them or I could start the scaring when they were at the end of the walk.  There were a few that refused to come up the walk once they heard me and some that jumped nicely several feet from the door.

There was one car that stopped in front of our house and after I started talking to them in scary ways while they were getting out, they got right back in and drove off.  Some that were walking up stopped and turned around though most kept coming.  One boy actually offered to let me put his head in a jar but since I couldn’t remove his head easily I let him go.

We had several dozen kids of all ages come by and ran through most of three large bags of candy.  Good fun.  I’ll have to do something similar next year.

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