How Are You?

I never know how to answer that question and I’ve been getting asked that a lot over the last several months.

Even If it’s someone I know, there’s a 50% (or more) chance what they’re really asking is the equivalent of “The sky sure is blue, isn’t it?” and is just a way to fill empty verbal space without a real interest in how I’m doing.  The equivalent of passing someone in the hallway and asking “how ya doing?” before moving on.  A way to acknowledge the existence of another person without getting involved.

Usually I just answer “fine” or “ok” or “meh” even when I would really rather curl up in bed and stay there all day.

For the people in my life who really are interested in the details, this is the best way I know  to fill them all in without wearing myself out.

If you don’t want to get involved, go ahead and move along to the next post or web site.  If you’re truly curious about how I’m doing today read on…

At this very moment (Tues 10/23 @ 12 noon) I’m doing pretty good.  Though just as I was writing that my temple started to hurt so I’ll probably have to finish writing this post a bit later.

Susan took me home from the hospital on Saturday and for much of that day and Sunday I lounged around the house napping and not doing much of anything useful so my head could heal.  The pain drug I was taking seemed to be working fairly well though I had some discomfort both days but nothing I couldn’t live (for a short time) with.

Sunday night I didn’t sleep well.  I was restless and not particularly sleepy.  My head was starting to hurt a bit more and my mind wouldn’t be quiet so I got up and wrote this post so that it would leave me alone.

Monday was a day of serious no-fun.  My head hurt quite a lot all day.  During brief periods the pain would stop and I’d wonder “is this it?” only to have the pain come back moments later.

My dad and sister brought lunch over and it was clear that my irregular wincing was worrying them.  Me too.  Ice packs didn’t seem to help much though freezing my head felt good generally.  Lying down didn’t really help that much either but I couldn’t think of anything else to do.  The doctor had written a contra-indication for ibuprofin on my discharge papers and I was maxed-out on “NORCO” which is a mix of Hydrocodone and Tylenol.

Monday night was a little better.  Susan wrapped an ice pack in a thin towel and with that behind my head I was actually able to sleep on average an hour at a time (Monday was more like 15 minutes at a time).  It wasn’t great but was an improvement.

I called my doctor’s nurse this morning and she recommended taking an entire handful of Ibuprofen (ok, 800mg) an hour after my next prescription dose and then call her back an hour after that.

I don’t know if it was just because it’s a new day and my body has healed a bit more or if it was the combination of ice packs and additional sleep, or all of the above but an hour after my prescription med I was already feeling better.  45 minutes after taking the Ibuprofen and I almost felt normal.  On Monday it didn’t matter how often I took the prescript meds, the pain didn’t change much.

My head still feels like there’s something odd going on the left side but since I’ve got stitches around the back of my ear and halfway up my head with a bit of swelling, I expect some odd feeling is to be expected.

The ear seems to be healing ok.  I’ve got to be a bit more careful than last time since I’m not on antibiotics (I was on them for six weeks before my last surgery) but I’m able to shower as long as I keep water out of the ear and can’t move around somewhat normally.

Car rides are something I’m going to avoid for another day or two since the one home was quite unpleasant.  I mentioned to Susan that I was glad she hadn’t picked me up in Moonshine (my blue Mini) because that ride would have been torture.  I would have felt every pebble and crack in the road.

I’ve got to remind myself not to keep going too long since the inevitable crash when my energy runs out would be fairly unpleasant.  Going to get back into bed now and watch another episode of Bones and sleep a bit.  Nighty-day.

If you have any questions please post them in the comments.

If you want to read up on the rest of the tale, click here.

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty rough if even hydrocodone wasn’t helping. I’m glad to hear things were a little better today. I hope you will experience steady improvement without very many setbacks…

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