The Ear, Week 3

Technically I’ve been ‘home’ since Wednesday but since I didn’t leave the hospital until almost noon and didn’t get home late in the afternoon, my first full day home was Thursday.

I spent a fair amount of it sleeping but not as much as I’d hoped to do.

For the remaining two weeks I’ve got to give myself IV antibiotics every 8 hours.  This means getting the hand-grenade(s) out of the refrigerator an hour ahead of time and letting them warm up.

Then I go through a routine of opening various syringes (no needles, yay) and pushing liquids into my arm before finally hooking up the anti-b.  It takes about 30 minutes to empty into my arm and during this time I can do pretty much anything I want.  No marathon running, but since that’s not generally on the menu of things to do during my day, I’m not missing that.

Once a day I have a second grenade to drink in and while I’ve been doing that in the middle of the day, I’m moving that so I can do my hour in the evening.

The ear seems to be healing properly (at least the doc thought so yesterday) and I’m due to go back to work on Wed.  I’ve still got a little bit of dizziness but I have some exercises to do and I’m going to take the Susan driving test before the weekend is out to see if I will be able to drive myself to work in the near-term.

If anyone needs some empty syringes (great for measuring liquids out precisely) or tubing with external clamps, let me know.  I really hate throwing all this stuff away and as long as it’s not used for food should be useful for *something*.  The Maker in me keeps wanting to do something with it.

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