Views from the Hospital

This is how things began.


I was pre-admitted and walked straight from my doctors office up to my hospital room, put the ubiquitous gown on and and grimaced while they put an IV line in.

Settled in with my new friend, Trans Pal


Looks like the instructions were written by Randall Munroe.

Thus began the steady drip of chemicals into my veins. Fairly uneventful except when I can taste the antibiotics I haven’t ingested.



Spent the first day not eating and waiting to be carted around to be stuffed into noisy machines.  It’s been fairly quiet except for when the IV pump does its thing or the bed decides I haven’t moved frequently enough.

Yesterday they took me down to pre-op (where all the cute nurses are, don’t tell Susan) knocked me out and put a tube in my ear.  I know I was conscious for the trip from pre-op to op and can remember a room that looked like an OR but the anesthesia they gave me worked quick and well. At the end I had a tube in my ear (sorry, no pictures) and felt a bit groggy.

Afterwards I was wheeled back to my room (in my own bed no less) where Susan was waiting.

I’ve spent much of the time here with my eyes closed or with this view

or sometimes this one.

I’m expected to find out what my longer-term treatment plan is going to be. (some rumors involve weeks of at-home IV antibiotics. Joy) and with luck I’ll be going home Friday.

Here’s hoping.

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