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If you’re squeamish, here’s a picture of a cute puppy so you don’t have to see the follow-on pictures unless you want to.  It’s not that they’re particularly graphic or NSFW but it was brought to my attention that the picture of the IV in my arm frightened a few people.  I hate to frighten people by accident.

Soft puppy, Warm puppy, Little ball of fur.
Happy puppy, Sleepy puppy,
Grrr, Grrr, Grrr.

First up is the worst most annoying bed in the world.

It’s ok, from a general comfort level but it has a ‘feature’ that can’t be turned off.  That ‘feature’ (it will forever be in quotes) is an air mattress that varies the pressure throughout the mattress to keep the patient from developing bed sores.

Since I am quite capable of moving myself periodically, this ‘feature’ means that the bed shifts underneath me just as I’ve gotten comfortable, thus rendering me un-comfortable.

I’ve googled the manuals for the frame and mattress and the latter should slowly change the pressure over time but if that’s the manufacturer’s idea of slow, they’re lucky older, lighter patients aren’t flipped out onto the floor.  Maybe that’s the actual ‘feature.’ Flip them out and get them to leave sooner.

The only way to turn this ‘feature’ off is to unplug the bed.  Which would then mean that I can’t adjust any other part of the bed.  Product Fail. [addendum after a week and a half spent using the bed: The days that I spent unable to function due to dizziness I had few complaints about the bed.  During my entire stay I never had any back or other body pains after a full night in the bed.  Something I can’t say about our home mattress.  So while the bed is annoying, it works.]

Next up is the movement of my IV from my elbow to just above my wrist.

This was a bit painful and odd feeling since I could feel the liquid flow into my vein until I got used to the catheter in the new spot.  What was more painful was the removal of the old IV.  The IV wasn’t bad but getting the tap off my fur hurt almost as much as the hot poker the doctor put into my ear a few weeks back.  Apparently I get my fur from my mother’s side.  Thanks mom.

Of course, now that the IV has been moved, it’s easier for me to type (and knit, more on that later) so my work laptop will be making its way here soon.  It also means I can eat more easily.  I’m right handed and couldn’t bend my elbow all the way.

Next up was a bit of repair work.  There’s a table in my room that’s missing a foot and wobbles something fierce.  A bit of paper and medical tape and

there, I fixed it.

Nearly-last but not least, I’m going to be here until at least Monday sometime.  After another MRI and exam, my doctors will decide if I can go home (with some form of major antibioticage) or if I need surgery to do all sorts of unpleasant things to my head and get rid of the infection.  Go antibiotics!.

If they do have to throw me downstairs (ooooo, cute pre-op nurses!) hopefully they won’t get the infection and my brain confused.

On the plus side, everyone here has been nice and I currently have a friendly (but not in that way) nurse named [redacted] with big pretty eyes who didn’t hurt me too much when she moved my IV.  Unfortunately I’ll probably have to disappoint [name redacted],my nurse from last night, since a margarita party tonight probably would be medically ill-advised.  Though I suppose she and Susan could drink while I sip water.

We still haven’t been brave enough to sneak chip into my room.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  There was a therapy dog here today.  Big golden retriever type that looked interested when he arrived on the floor but by the end of his visit he just kind of looked like he wanted to go home.  Poor boy.

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  1. Your blog entry looked like it was lonely and could use a comment. Umm….so… you like….stuff?

    OOO!! Fun Fact: We were told that if they raise all four rails on your bed it’s considered “restraint” and is illegal. So…do with that what you will…

    Go Antibiotics!

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