Redshirts in Lexington

When I saw that John Scalzi was going to be giving a talk to promote Redshirts at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington on the same day that we would be flying in, I decided I had to go.

If he (or pretty much any other writer) had been coming to Dallas, I probably wouldn’t have bestirred myself to attend (just lazy that way).  Since we would already be up and about, I made plans to go while Susan and her mother went off to a yarn store.

I made an audio recording of the event though it’s probably not worth posting due to the air conditioner that kept switching on and off.  Things are understandable but you’ll have more fun listening if you go to a talk on your own.

It was a good evening.  He’s a good speaker, told some funny stories and at the end I got my copy of Redshirts and The Rough Guide to the Universe signed and was able to give him a proper “Oh shit, I’m being stalked” kind of fright when I mentioned that I’d flown in from Dallas just for the talk.

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