Interesting things – Comhaltas 2011 Friday

It was our first day of the 2011 North American Comhaltas convention and it was grand.

For everyone else it was the second day and for many of the orginizers I think it was something like the 3045th day. I’m sure they’ll be wistfully sad/happy when the convention is over.

We arrived safely (thank you Southwest), was given a short tour by Tom Macken and sent up to the Control Room to get Susan’s official "I work here" shirts. They didn’t have shirts for the roadies.

After wandering about for a bit and checking out a few vendors and the lobby schedule

We went up to the room to unpack.

That was a nice sight and one we knew we’d look forward to in another 14 hours or so.

There were several performers playing in the lobby during the afternoon

and at 6pm a set workshop by Padraig and Roisin McEneany begin. They started out with the Tory Island set and moved on to the Fermanagh Quadrilles. It was a great workshop as always with those two.

We had just enough time to turn around and change for the ceili at 9pm and it was four hours of great music and dance.

There are more pictures in the Comhaltas 2011 gallery as well as some videos on my YouTube channel. Look for more of both over the course of the weekend.

To continue the trip, check out the notes from Saturday.

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  1. I have no idea what time we got to bed Friday night but I have notes showing we started the plain set about 12:30am. We got up early for breakfast and started the day with Susan teaching a ceili workshop including Harvest Time Jig, Fairy Reel, Rakes of

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