Interesting things I saw today 5/1/10

Today Susan and I took Chip out into the world cause it was a gorgeous day.

It was off to the White Rock Lake Festival where Chip got to meet loads of other dogs. His tail is blurred because it was spinning like a little propeller.

The face of a hot but happy little dog.

There was a man flying an oddball remote controlled plane.

Susan and Chip stopped in the forest to pose for me.

We ran across some kind of odd ball of vegitable matter.

And a cop – who dropped his phone why riding his bike – decided to stand in the road while messing with it.

And then we came across a bunch of dogs jumping into and out of the water.

One of the them steadfastly refused to give up trying to get the second of two balls that had been thrown to him. He already had one in his mouth and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t grab the second.

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