Interesting things I saw today 4/17/10

It was a nice full day on Saturday.

It started out slowly, as most do, with Chip lounging and munching on a bone.

Eventually we went over to the Watters Creek shopping center to wander around with the boy and see about getting a coffee and place to people-watch.

There was a pretty duck. Loads of people, a few dogs and so on.

We stopped and had a bit of coffee beverage and some chocolate.

Got to watch a teenager attempt to parallel park his parents car while his passenger looked on – and laughed.

We eventually made our way behind the shops and started walking a very nice trail that’s hidden away back there. It didn’t take us long to find the biggest, nastiest weed we had seen in a long time.

Saw a cute little frog.

Saw a tree that’s destined to come down. Take a look near the roots in a larger image.

There was a bit of illegible graffitti.

Chip making clear just what direction he wanted to go in.

Here’s a view of part of the path we were following.

Chip got to meet a very friendly dog named Mocha.

The wooded area is very pretty but also impassible. Especially if you’re wearing shorts and sandals.

We ran across a very dead tree. Lots of interesting decomp going on.

After this we decided to drop the boy at home and head off to dinner at Mi Cocina.

We saw loads of interesting people in the bar, such as the girl wearing the nightie.

After dinner we took another walk and discovered a woman playing the violin – very very well – in Another Time and Place.

After that it was back home to watch the first episode of the new season of Dr. Who.

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