Constructing and deconstructing Orthanc

So a few days ago I took some time out from working to act like a kid and play in the snow. The result was an ok sculpture of Orthanc that was apparently good enough that several people managed to guess what it was without any prompting. Oh, and I made a crappy snowman that I’m not going to show you a picture of.

Orthanc began as a mesh form packed with snow.


Susan’s excellent snow-girl.


The next stage in the making of Orthanc involved piling snow around the form with a handy shovel, pausing periodically to pack the snow down.


I then used an aluminum yardstick to shave the sides flat and cut the corners off. Following that I flattened off the top and made a large snow ball that I packed as tightly as I could and placed that on top. I then cut away all the bits from the ball that weren’t spikes and added a ramp to the front.


The next day the Sun came out long enough for me to get another couple of shots as the tower began to melt.


The snow-people were also starting to lose their shape.


By Saturday night the tower was really starting to show signs of wear. Large pieces had fallen off and there were gaps under the front steps.


Sunday found large pieces gone and it just kept getting smaller as the day went on.


The snow-people were also not doing so well as the day went on.


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