NBA all-stars 2010

Susan and I decided to head down the the Galleria on Saturday and end the evening with an early Valentines dinner at Mi Cocina. Little did we know that the Galleria had been taken over by hoards of basketball fans.

Our first thought was “Damn, Where’d all these people come from??!” Alright, I’ll admit it up front, my first thought was “Where’d all these black people come from?” I would have had a similar thought if the Galleria had been overtaken by hoards of Asians, Mexicans, Austrailians, Germans, or people from Lower Gwynedd.

The Galleria is ordinarily about the whitest place you can find in Dallas. Boring white-bread people all over, but not on Saturday (and from what we heard, not since last Thursday) and it was definitely interesting. We found out later that the NBA All-Stars was in town which explained all the people hanging out near stores and wearing all the bling. We were glad we didn’t know about this ahead of time as we would have gone somewhere else to avoid the crowds but as it is we were treated to a late afternoon full of interesting people.

If we’d been able to get into Mi Cocina with less than an hour wait we would have stayed all evening so we could people-watch.

Fortunately I had my camera with me and managed to get a few interesting shots before we left for dinner.

Here we have one of the more modest ladies. While she’s showing cleavage, it’s not threatening to fall out onto the floor. I’m not sure if the sign behind her is indicative of anything.

NBAAllStars2010 (1).JPG

I wasn’t able to get any shots of the more obvious “Look over here!” outfits.

On the other hand, if these ladies aren’t wearing CFMs (and thinking it) I don’t know what they are.

NBAAllStars2010 (2).JPG

Ahhh, the other clueless non-basketball fans are in the skating rink!

NBAAllStars2010 (3).JPG

Yeah, there’s no way in hell we’re getting in there for dinner.

NBAAllStars2010 (4).JPG

We ducked into Bachendorfs, well, because and found this older woman with a very disapproving posture.

NBAAllStars2010 (5).JPG

I think we were only two out of a total of maybe five customers in the whole place (and they said they wouldn’t charge us for coming in! Wow!) On the other hand, Gucci had a line out the door and they were only letting in a limited number of people at any one time. Any place that sold housewares or wasn’t “fashionable” was empty while the clothing and sunglass stores were packed.

Throughout the mall there were people lined up on all the walls just waiting for a player (playa?) to walk by.

Most of the people you can see at the edge are just standing there, waiting. Like these guys.

Then there was this guy, who all you basketball fans will be responding with “how can you not know who he is?” who was walking around with his own crowd and getting his picture taken by the people hanging out next to the shops. So naturally, I had to get my own picture.

NBAAllStars2010 (6).JPG

After this we left the Galleria and headed to a slightly less crowded Mi Cocina where most of the customers were boring except for the pirate in one corner.

NBAAllStars2010 (7).jpg

Any day that has hoards of unexpected interesting people and ends with a pirate and a Margarita, is a good day.

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  1. we tried to go the Galleria on Saturday to take Adya ice skating, but couldn’t even get in the parking lot. we did end up going on Sunday instead and it was still overflowing. and if it makes you feel any better, i don’t know who is in that picture either.

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