Things I saw while on vacation. Part II

This is a continuation of this post.

We got some more snow! It didn’t stay long due to some rain overnight but it was nice while it was around.


The next day we went for another walk and the only thing remaining from a snowman was his hoohaw. At least he left the world with a stiffy.


Chip got to meet the neighborhood Bouvier, Bentley. He’s not even close to full grown yet and will probably be as big as a car.


Chip managed to get himself tangled after the walk but had the presence of mind to glare at me while I went for the camera.


We had a fun new years party. Head over here for loads of incriminating photos.

On another walk (yes, we took many of those) we ran across someones science project. It wasn’t clear what it was for but fun to see.


Naturally we played with Chip a lot.


On Sunday we went off to Trinity Hall and danced our butts off to great music.


I went back to Atoka, looked at the heavens and played with long exposure photos.


We went on a last vacation walk and ran across some interesting fungus


and a butt-ugly bird that flew over to beg for food.


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