Bad customer support

I had to reinstall our answering machine software recently and had mis-placed the registration key which would unlock features I’d paid for long ago. Features such as being able to record messages longer than 15 seconds. Bleh.

Hoping that the authoring company would help me out, I wrote them asking for the key based on the registration confirmation email I did have.

Instead of helping out an existing customer they decided to try to basically extort more money out of me.

Michael Harrison writes:


I have lost my registration information and have had to reinstall VentaFax. Can you re-supply the reg info for order ID xxx-xx-004?

Thank you.

Venta Tech Support said the following on 6/15/2009 0:53 AM:


No, sorry. You license is expired.

Your serial (xxxx-etc.) was issued in June 2002, so you are a long-time user and need to prolong your license with 50% discount to get the current version.

Please use this order link

to re-order the Home version with 50% discount and get the new version 6.2 with the new key.

Michael Harrison writes:


I’m not interested in version 6.x at this time. I am merely re-installing 5.8 and have mis-placed my key. Kindly provide my 5.x key please.

Venta Tech Support said the following on 6/15/2009 4:30 AM:

Kindly prolong your license and update to the current version before asking help of any kind from us. Thank you for understanding.

Michael Harrison writes:

Kindly go stick your head in a pig.

I probably wouldn’t have recommended their software to someone looking for a PC answering system before this (it’s not the most stable or user-friendly) but given that stellar level of support, I definitely won’t be recommending them now.

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