Slow down!

So I’m on my way to meet my sister for lunch. It’s my birthday and I’m headed down the freeway access road at about 60.

I see a motorcycle cop just as I’m passing some other cars and as he hits me with his radar.

Yeah, I broke my own rule. Ok, it’s more of a guideline. The guideline states that “thou shalt go no faster than the herd. Unless you think you can get away with it.” I hadn’t even been thinking of that at the time.

So he pulls out behind me and like a good street citizen I pull off onto a side street.

Right behind another motocycle cop that had bagged another car. It seems I drove right into an actual speed trap.

The cop takes my license and insurance card and goes away for a bit. While I’m waiting, I notice that the tail light on the other car looks familiar (the car is mostly blocked by the cop-cycle). Hey, it’s another Mini. What is this, Bag a Mini Day?

I do wish I’d had my camera with me. Would have made a funny picture.

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