The TSA sucks A$$


A little over a week ago I flew from DFW to Phoenix and on the way through the security line at DFW the dude at the flashlight kiosk (you know, the guy who shines the UV light at your license expecting to find nothing in particular) made a point of telling people that they didn’t need to take their liquids out of their carry-on bags to run through the scanner.

Silly me, I’d already done that and had my baggie of contraband already in my laptop bag where it’s easy to throw into the grey bin.

No big deal, at least I could leave it there.

I made a point of not assuming the Phoenix security would behave the same and had the baggie out when going back to DFW and as expected they didn’t mention being able to leave it in my carry-on bag.

On the other hand, I had to head out to Orlando this morning and since I was leaving out of the same damn terminal as when I was going to Phoenix I thought I’d be able to leave my baggie in my carry-on.


There was a TSA guy wandering up and down the line reminding all the Mickey-heads that they had to take their liquids out and put them in the bin.

Make up your damn minds!

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