The return (or end?) of BatteryGit

So some of you are aware of the joy that BatteryGeek has brought to my (& Susans) life.

Recently I was contacted by someone claiming to be his soon to be ex wife and saying that Sean Murray had run off with the company leaving her with no money and millions in debt as he apparently used her credit to prop up the company.

User IP-address: xxxx

User Name: Melissa

User Email: melissabo—

User Homepage:


I am Sean Murrays wife. Currently we are getting a divorce. He ran off with the company leaving me no income even though I am also on our Articles of Incorporation. I sympathize with your story, it is quite obvious that he is manipulative as I also have felt the defeat of being used for my good credit to help propel our company forward. Now I have to file for bankrupcy. MOre on the story, write to me.

Before responding to her I did a few net searches and found that even his neighbors dislike Mr. BatteryGit.

At the Nov 26, 2006 Durham City Council meeting (pdf version here) a number of people went before the council to complain about the business being operated by one of their neighbors and the behavior they’ve had to put up with.

One of the first to speak mentioned

Ms. Greer said she had subsequently gone on-line and found the website that indicated the official business name as Battery Geek Inc. with a listing of the 81st Place address under an impressive looking picture of an office building that did not look like the address listed.

Nope. That’s for sure.

Thanks to the Internet Archive I was able to find out that throughout most of 2006 BatteryGeek listed their address as:

On November 6 they suddenly moved to:

and took the building with them! Wow! They must have had some freakin’ powerful batteries!

It’s odd though, because it doesn’t look a thing like the house that’s currently for sale at the same address.

One of the later speakers had this to relate:

She had counted between 8 – 12 trucks a day coming and going and that she was constantly pulling kids off the street for their safety. She further related the verbal altercation she had witnessed between Sean (one of owners of the business) and another neighbor and testified that Sean had seemed very upset, had gotten in his car, sped out of the cul-de-sac and down Ellman without regard for anyone in the vicinity.

Yeah, so? What’s wrong with that?

Another went on with:

Two statues of Christ had been placed on the 17763 property facing the doors of the adjacent neighbors and was not sure of the intent of this action.

Now that’s dirty! Bringing in the heavy guns to keep an eye on your shiftless neighbors?

Councilor Carroll said that he believed that the residents of 17763 are clearly in violation of the land use code and that the mass storage of batteries in a residential district may also be considered illegal.

Oh, come on! What were they supposed to do after moving that huge office building? It takes time to sell that many batteries.

The rest of the council minutes is a dry recitation of the members discussing possible litigation, sending the fire marshall out, covering the house in marshmallow goo and setting it alite for the joy of the neighbors. Ok, I made up the last part.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate follow-on information to find out what action the city took but perhaps the person claiming to be Melissa Bostick will be able to provide more information.

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2 thoughts on “The return (or end?) of BatteryGit”

  1. OMG, that is the house I am living in! I don’t think that Sean has any right to sell assets during a divorce even if it is 25K in arears. Okay now I must show this to my lawyers, thank you Mr. Harrison

    Sean Murrays Wife aka Melissa (the other owner of BatteryGeek Inc)

  2. Thanks for the article…I have been trying to contact this company an ordered and paid for power supply (mine broke). They sent me the wrong one and now haven’t responded to an email. Now I can see that they are probably in the process of moving their building to a non-disclosed location. Off to Radio Shack…

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