Kings Head and Oak Barn

Stopped in the Kings Head pub for a pint and bite to eat but they only serve food for lunch.

The bartender recommended going to the Oak Barn and was very helpful so I’m having a pint here before heading off to dinner. Decided to try John Smith’s but probably won’t try it again. It’s billed as "Extra Smooth" but is really just flat.

Next it was off to the Oak Barn and a pint of Fosters to start with.

I was warned that football was on tonight and it would be very quiet. It was indeed quiet with the waitresses, one waiter and the too-serious manager bustling about the dining room and only a handful of tables filled.

The food was very good and the environment very pretty with the sun coming into the wood filled room "just so" and a wood floor that just begs to be danced on. In fact, I might just have to do that on the way out.

Dinner was composed of a veggie ravioli (a very large single) followed by salmon on a bed of olives and onion with the house merlot and trailed by cheesecake and Irish whisky. Ok, two Irish whiskys.

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