Indian Garden

Dinner tonight was taken at the Indian Garden in Burgess Hill.

Things started off with a couple of very crispy pappadom and sauces I couldn’t begin to name. One was obviously yogurt based and the other a kind of chutney but other than being very good I couldn’t tell you what they were called.

To go with the pappadom I had a Kingfisher beer. Outside the restaurant was a relatively quiet street and bright blue sky. Inside it was "typical" indian furnishings and employees with impenetrable indian accents.

Next up was some really good keema nan filled with thinly sliced red lamb inside. It was a little odd just because I’d never had nan filled with a continuous layer of "meat" inside and I wonder how they did that. It was good though, especially with the yogurt sauce.

Halfway through the nan the chicken tikka vindaloo arrived with some pulau rice that smelled and tasted wonderful. I was warned that the vindaloo was hot but it really wasn’t that spicy although the spiciness it did have built pleasantly as I made my way through the dish.


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