Ongoing Feis comments

Misc observations as the day progressed.

8:30am two boys so far, without wigs of course.

8:32am Jean’s up along with Sharon and Darla doing their two-hand.

8:35am good beginner dances, smiles and hopping.

Three-hand! Darla, Sharon and Bonnie.

8:38am San Antonio and Oklahoma groups doing 4-hand at the same time.

8:40am 4 hand with everyone! 504 Sharon, Emmy. April, Andi.

8:45am San Antonio 8-hand. Sparkly green capes. Smile! Good chain!

Hibernia. no poodle hair! Great point!

9:45 am Girls running about between stages, the award room and the medals. Who won?!

The event is surprisingly non-hectic. From where I’m standing. The organizers are running around like crazy though.

1:00 pm the feis is running very smoothly. If a bit behind schedule. Everyone I’ve talked to (who wasn’t expecting special treatment) is giving it high marks.

Many of the girls are practicing in any odd corner they can find.

"I don’t want her in our class." "Who?" "Amy."

1:16 pm music competition. Good singing. Go Kaitlin!

ooo. Violin. Jack Benny. followed by a very good little girl on the same instrument.

on the other hand it was good that a later violinist told us the name of the tune she’d just played cause. . .

2:30 pm Things are winding down with the final set of competitions starting up.

Since I’ve got a live net connection I’m going to close this out and go to individual posts.

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