Manhattan Tour

Today was the day to do something un-dance like. Susan, Jean and I went on a bus tour of New York. It was an interesting and lazy way to spend the day.

10:00 It’s raining slightly and the bus is loaded and waiting to leave from the hotel.

11:00 Irish Famine Memorial. Very Irish weather, cold and mizzly.


11:30 Ground Zero. At This point you wouldn’t know anything horrible happened here. It just looks like a construction site.


Me blogging.


12:15 Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges

IMG_2112 IMG_2113

12:16 Chinatown


12:21 UN


12:41 5th Ave. Empire State? Rockefeller plaza


1:00 Saint Patrick’s Cathedral


1:28 Two people are 15 minutes late getting back to the bus! Leave them!

1:38 Singing on Broadway. Everyone on the bus got a chance to do some singing while were were driving along Broadway.

We drove around a fair amount after this and ended with linner at Grasshoppers.

It’s 5pm now and we’re resting before the first set workshop at 6 and ceili at 9. It’s going to be a long night ahead.

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