Screwing with the traveler

Getting to the airport wasn’t bad. We were fairly close and made it in just about half an hour. I had printed my boarding pass ahead of time and breezed into the security line where it all went slightly pear shaped.

I was the only one in line and the eight screeners were looking bored and decided to scan my bags.  The women doing the scanning told me that as of two weeks ago, all electronics must be put in a tray.

All electronics.

She proceeded to pull out my chargers, batteries, disk drives, camera, phone, laser (yes, I had a laser with me) and so on from my luggage, laptop case and briefcase.  She then gave everything a good fondling with the explosive wand before pushing it all back through the x-ray machine.

What fun.

Hopefully the flight to St Louis won’t be bad and the whiney little boy in the waiting area will fall asleep (or out of the plane) soon after we take off.

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