Green with … laser light

It’s taken way to long to get the new Coherent 315M integrated in my lab (insert excuses here) but that’s now been completed.

The power and shutter controls have been wired up, the software has been updated to control a third laser and it’s been tested and is ready for use.  One thing I seriously need to do is refactor the HoloController source so that it’s simpler to control an arbitrary number of lasers.


The layout shown above is the one I used to create a transmission master for a professor at A&M.  I was surprised to see that the beads which I’d painted fluorescent orange show up yellow under green light.  It’ll be interesting to see how they come out when shot with green-sensitive film. 

The red in the background is from my copy layout which uses a HeNe.  The red dot in the middle-right is the beam from my red mastering laser.  Ordinarily it would be shining on the subject in the foreground but it’s being blocked by the transfer mirror used to "inject" the green beam into the mastering path.

Click on the image for a larger version.

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One thought on “Green with … laser light”

  1. The on-board software is finally (no, really) ready to be wired up in the lab and I expect to do that tomorrow sometime.
    The prototype controller is shown below with LEDs in place of connections to the relay board. I’ll likely leave those in as I’m wirin

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