iTunes is evil?

That was a user name I saw recently in a public forum.  I suspect they chose that name because iTunes has a thick layer of DRM covering it from end to end and that particular person is rabidly against DRM.  I know how they feel.  Granted, there are a few areas in iTunes where you don’t have to accept a pair of handcuffs just to listen to some good music but those are still rare.

Thing is, iTunes isn’t evil.

If Apple hadn’t started sleeping with the record companies and accepted the DRM handcuffs we still wouldn’t be able to buy single tracks of music at $1 a pop.  The record companies are still too attached to the "album" as a measure of performance.  They still don’t get that buyers have never wanted a disk that’s 50% crap just to get the few good songs.  If people had been able to consistently buy singles back in the 60s they would have.

Apple’s no saint here but at least they were able to force something basically good down the throats of the record companies.

So iTunes/Apple is a bit of a slut but not evil.

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