SpeedScript beta for Tablet PC

I heard about SpeedScript on jkOnTheRun and it looked intriguing enough to try. A faster keyboard is definitely something I’d like when I’m in slate mode and can’t avoid "typing". I hate flipping my T4215 screen around when I’m grooving in slate world.

Unfortunately I’ve found some bugs and design flaws that are keeping me from using the program. I sent these to the makers of SpeedScript but haven’t received a reply so off they go to blog world.

  1. It appears to be designed for lefties that write with the pen pointing from upper left to lower right? As a righty I find that a fair amount of time the button I need is covered by the pen or a finger.
  2. No way to customize the program? I couldn’t find any way to change any settings of the program.
  3. The included demo shows stylus pointing straight up and down. Who writes that way?
  4. Doesn’t save the startup position. I really wish it would save its position when shutting down and come back up in the same place. Its default location of the lower-left corner of the screen and partially covering the start button isn’t convenient at all.
  5. Frequently it doesn’t work with remote desktop. I use RD a lot as I move around the office and maintain a connection with my main machine and SpeedScript often doesn’t seem to even know it’s running.

Unfortunately these all added up enough that I haven’t been using SpeedScript. I’d like to. It looks promising but it’s just not quite cooked.

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