OneNote tag summary page useful?

Does anyone find this feature useful?

I’ve tried using it and all I end up with is an unconnected list of tagged sentences. All context is removed with no links back to the source material.

Consider the following from my own notebook:


those two items are from very different sections but even if you were familiar with the subject matter you’d find it difficult to find the source material.

ON can create hyperlinks to any page so why doesn’t it do this automatically on summary pages?

Am I missing something?

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Michael Harrison

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7 thoughts on “OneNote tag summary page useful?”

  1. I think the tag summary pages should link back to the source page. The feature was unchanged since ON2003 when we didn’t have hyperlinks. I still think that summary pages are very useful and provide users a way to merge todo lists and other set of information (questions for exam, etc).

  2. I presume you mean the tag summary pages, and not the tag summary sidebar… which does link to the original page.

    Regardless, I typically use the tag summary *pages* as an export to my phone. Since my primary use of tags is for todo lists, I like to have the list available when my computer isn’t.

    Basically, if you’ve got a WiMo5 or higher phone, you can sync w/ OneNote mobile pretty easily.

    1. I haven’t had much problem making sure that todo items are pretty short, and yes as a todo item I write them so they make sense without a larger context.

      Personally, I’ve found if the task description needs context like that, it needs to be broken down into smaller tasks.

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