Don’t wait for Vista SP1!

Microsoft says.

I say no way.

I used vista on an HP TX1120 for part of a week and really couldn’t wait to get back to XP.

XP is faster.

XP is more stable.

XP doesn’t assume that you’re an idiot. UAC anyone?

XP supports more devices in use today.

I’m waiting for SP1 before I try Vista again.

The only feature in Vista I would like to have today are the TIP improvements. The cost of the rest of Vista isn’t worth it.

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Michael Harrison

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One thought on “Don’t wait for Vista SP1!”

  1. Last week there was a rumor that a beta of Vista SP1 was going to be released any day now. This week the rumor (supposedly iron-clad) is that SP1 won’t be out for more than a year. Most people who’ve tried Vista would likely say that SP1 needs to come o

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