ClearType Rotator 0.03

A new version of CTR has been released.

0.3 – June 27, 2007. Modified so that a full screen redraw is always
issued after the screen is rotated. Ensures that all current apps will
redraw with current CT settings.

Go get it…

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Michael Harrison

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9 thoughts on “ClearType Rotator 0.03”

          1. “If you’ve calibrated cleartype in portrait mode, you should be good to go. It just when you calibrate and then change the orientation that cleartype would become fuzzy.”

            Do you mean Win10 is automatically accounting for orientation when I restart cleartype calibration?
            I still get the feel that portrait looks a tad fuzzy or is it just me? Thank you!

          2. As long as you choose the sharpest test images when doing the calibration, it should come out sharp at the end no matter the orientation of the monitor. If you change the orientation, you’ll have to recalibrate.

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