Fujitsu T4215 update

One month later.

I’ve been using the machine at home, at work, in and out of meetings, at coffee shops and while wandering Cartagena Colombia.

How do I feel about the T4215 a month later?

Read on…

Overall, I’m very happy with it.

Now that I’ve spoiled the suspense I’ll run through what I like and don’t after a month using this beast.


Recording quality. I’ve tried several microphones but still get a fair amount of static or interference that sounds like rain falling in the background. I’m seriously thinking of buying this microphone based on the reviews and features it has. I’ve been recording more meetings and would record more if I could get higher quality recordings.

No screen rotation utility. I wish there were a utility to rotate the screen to a specific orientation on demand. I’ve had the computer lock up twice when rotating the screen quickly using tablet button and would like to be able to go directly to a particular orientation. I know the video driver supports hot Keys to do this but I use the machine in slate mode most often and the keyboard is covered up.

No cleartype profiler. If you haven’t used the cleartype tuner to optimize the look of the fonts on your LCD display (not just laptop) you should try it. It makes text look much better. One drawback is that I have to run the tuner whenever I rotate the screen in order to get the best display. I may have to spend some time writing a utility to fix up the CT settings when the screen rotates.


Good battery life. I get a consistent 3 hrs runtime at low CPU speed, with regular use and wifi on. I’ve been able to run it for five hours when using it intermittently at work.

Reasonably light. It’s not as convenient as my Palm Pilot but It’s light enough that I’m willing to carry it just about anywhere and has superior handwriting recognition. I even took it on a recent vacation to Cartagena and while I didn’t carry it everywhere (it might have been like carrying a "mug me" sign over my head) I did end up using it quite a lot.

Slate mode. This isn’t specific to the 4215 but I really like interacting with the computer using a pen. Entering text is a bit slower than using a keyboard but I’m getting faster. Drawing with Art Rage is a lot of fun too. This post was largely written in slate mode and while it took longer than using the keyboard, it’s somehow more enjoyable.

Stability. So far this machine is very stable. The only time I’ve had any problems is when I went and installed the latest Intel video drivers and found that the screen wouldn’t un-blank after the normal non-use timeout. Re-installing the Fujitsu drivers took care of that problem. Note that I’m using Windows XP, not Vista.

If you’re looking for a very good tablet PC you can’t go wrong by getting the Fujitsu T4215.

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